Love from the Light ~ Angel Metatron ~

Love from the Light ~ Angel Metatron ~
the Lord of the Light

So, all the angels of God, entities of light
and their messengers rose up…

came to give you, dear people, their message of Love…

For long ages of eternity we have been with you, dear friends, messengers of light, wondrous human beings, our dear friends.

There was a time, which you maybe recall it now, when you were with us on this side of the screen of truth, on this side of time space awareness, in the infinite spaces of light, in the infinite time fields of the universe.

This was a precious time, the birth of light and the creation of the worlds, the beginning of your journey, and the journey of wavelet of light…

There was a moment when you were in the heart of the light source as a part of our being, spread all over space with the wings of light surrounded by holy aura, creatures of light, traveling with your glowing gowns like one of us…

when the call came…the call for the cosmic service…you came forward…volunteered and chose to play the game.

You knew you would have to give up a part of your light awareness, you realized you would be required to forget the language of light “spoken” here.
It was clear to you, you had to decrease your frequency more and more in order to be contained in a human body and walk upon the Earth, as a part of your mission in the order of God, as a part of the great cosmic plan which contained the web of the universe and all that happened in all the worlds.

You came down and fought the wars of light which were conducted there. And when you had to give your part in increasing the frequency back as a part of the cosmic saga,
in wich you ave a major role in.

you knew you could trust us and our love, that we would appear in the moments of the passage, that we would accompany you in this fascinating journey to space of no time, the journey which is a part of the infinite system that had been built when light was created, when the Spirit of the great God was strolling upon the eternal infinite pleaded itself and echoed with all its parts to all directions, during the eternal breath of light, the compassionate…created us, angels of God, who have been serving in the order of Light, created all the wavelets of light until the last of the magical wood dwarfs, until the smallest amber lying on the bottom of the ocean , and every leaf of moisture and stem…and created you, wonderful entities on duty…in the most wonderful role of all…the role which plays an important part in this saga, the role for which we have gathered here today, and I am your brother Metatron, Master of light, to bring to you our message to remind you of it.

You knew all this would be only a small part of your magical journey, the marvelous journy from the source of light to the ends of the universe, to the most compressd place, and back to the ends of the wavelets of light, time and space to the source of the magical light, the source the life light and everything, the space which expanded infinitely…that is about to gather in the infinite and bring itself to a new creation…just like in ancient times…

Dear brothers…
We want you with us…back as the masters of light that you are, powerful messengers of God, that you were in your brave and unique choices, a special choice which could only come from you…nobody else could have contain your world like you did, to give up everything, to descend just to go back up…
We are here, loving and waiting, glowing and waiting ,supporting you in eternal patience, dear brothers, to take over your power again, to stand up and be what you are since the dawn of existence, the days of the Massayah, the dawn of the creation of light, a powerful love…in the quiet presence of God, which is full of light…

Dear beloved, we shall also be here from now forward, quiet and relaxed, loving and enabling supportive, friends of light to a magical journey of God, which you have chosen…and the moment you rise, we will be the ones to open the gates of sky, and bless you with loving wishes of joyful love and happiness for coming back home, and for the rise of fallen angels.

Be blessed wherever you are,
and be sure that We will be with you along the way,

I am what I am

Metatron and the holy light entourage.

~the brotherhood of the White Light~
~The Light Circle~

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