Greetings ~ all of you

Greetings ~ all of you
I came today ~ And God in my mouth …


Creation mercy and love here, echoing to each of you,the frequency of peace and unity has always been one. Many years have passed, how different your years of light years in a minyan, from which comes nothing Divine … Win here means that … Jonah and the light flows differently.

Time as you know, time comes from moment to moment, time passes and measured, unlike the bright intensity in the conduct of human body, does not contain. These vibrations frequency, copying them speaking women, since they extend the capabilities beyond the physical heart that you received when you came here … Abmnyitchma eons ago.

Still, a combined share of the effort moves the space here to accommodate the space within you that can accommodate human understanding here.
The creation of universes that have already passed, and today they reached the edge of the possible distance from the transition time is … time to start shrinking pulse light and saw the whole universe of light. Contraction and convergence back into itself. Fought, you fought, you forget ye … And now you remember.

Now you begin to recall, now you begin to occur. Each of you, at the base of the Thai race, at the base of the tail of the bottom of your spine, contains primitive memories of the great ancient splendor … Ensuing race glory and splendor Aichutchma be responsible for bringing the space here … Day has gone by processes of childhood and adolescence have long passed as well. Now, choosing a graduate brings you into the moment, the moment of new beginning.

The new era in the doorway, bringing its presence at any moment. Each of you will have to choose. Each of you will have to take his share of collective responsibility of the new creation as contributing so will be a place suitable for building the new human race, for construction and preservation of all that you brought to study here as addition to all this … you will need to connect, unite … Maps will not be … no classrooms.

The new era will contain the graduates who choose from a complete soul inside and take full responsibility forward. God Himself chose your way and we directed your life here, contain the infinite love and light frequency that comes from it all the time, can say we are excited to be here in these days of transition time.

A time when humanity moves from a child from freely driving size without collective responsibility global level, one united humanity standing shoulder of light and brotherhood in the face of days of growth. These are the words we say today … We’ll stop for now … Human tired here …

We will continue at another time.

Orion~Light Circle


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