Eternal light and love

Eternal light and love

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I came to remind you of your agreement,

to tell you the word of love…

Comes from the heart of God,

Release the frequency of light and love

Full and absolute to the world,

My dear children and invite you to come home …

When you got upon you this incarnation,

You got with love to experience what the world contains.

You knew before you came this far,

the painful experiences that it will contain …

All this was adequate to serve the highest goal

Learning and maturity of the soul you were needed.

All it needed was to be your option,

Polish the soul that brought the tension

Experiences of the various incarnations,

Frequency transition time before the fifth dimension.

Today we come to the moment of choosing the truth …

Previews the moment in this election many light

Brought the soul into adulthood …

These elections brouth you into full realization

Entity’s full light that is you in full consciousness.

Be blessed in the moments of choice and in the moment of transition …

I’m God~I’m one~I’m the sparkling star creation~

I’m the unity of light here that embodied in

the human that is here on this earth ~

I’m one ~ one of each person as the person ~

We are all one and each one of us is one forever ~

Blessings of a metaphysical frequency of the light source

to the space of creation that is here

caress the soul awakening to her being extensions

in true love and everlasting Love and Light ~

from ever and ever

Regards from the source of light

from ever and for ever

~ Orion ~

~The Fellowship of the white light~

~Light Circle~

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