Welcome to the circle of light

Glad to have you here and allow space for landing cozy and bright, for tens of thousands of brothers and sisters wake up in the country and the world and looking for the connection to the light and the scattered brethren.,

My aim and purpose of the site of the circle of light is to offer practical guidance in spiritual development, with the tools I acquired during my life, and allow the process more pleasant return home to the heart and spirit.

If you asked yourself what your patch …!

If you have been looking for the meaning of your soul destiny!

If you asked yourself questions and found the answers!

If you have been looking for brothers and sisters of light like you!

Here’s where you can find answers to these questions,

Connect to all your brothers and sisters to light, and leave the Hotmcm ~

This site I offer individual treatments, workshops and meetings Circles of Light guided meditation under my guidance, when the premise is, free of conscious awareness.

You may find many messages written by, Orion ~ Over the years, meditations and Guidance attunement.¬†Among the articles you will find short tutorials of guided imagery, various tips on ads, various articles on many treatment methods, and explanations of the soul’s energy structure in dealing with the Maya, a birthday chariot and the soul.

Hike into the mind and spirit worlds is a journey into the vastness of the universe, and once you walk into the spatial infinity in your soul, you will find the eye of infinity stares you back, light and love.

I’d love comments and questions on any topic -> FAQ page <- or -> contact page <-

Wish you a pleasant surfing experience a fascinating way to return home,

Light and love in your life and joy in your hearts


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